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Re: Implied music

>> Seriously: Does anyone know of any composed or similar sounding harmonic
>> music that has no repetition in it, not even variations of a theme, 
>just a
>> development in certain mood, softly changing?

>Scoenberg, Farben (Colors) in his 5 OrchesterstŸcke (Orchestral
>pieces). It's only 3:20 long, but very nice.  Its a single
>somewhat dissonant chord that goes through an unrepeating series
>of slow timbral shifts. The rest of the CD I have it on (Deutsche
>Grammophon 419 781-2) is very different, but very good also.

That sounds *also* very interesting!
What I meant is apparently not "experimental" at all. Imagine for example a
Bossa Nova or a Jazz piano piece with usual sound and harmonies, just that
they never return to a similar sequence, maybe not even to the base tone
(if such exists). A linear composition, somehow.
Since this is the oposite of what we usually talk about, it might not even
be off topic :-)