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Re: Why Vortex flopped...?

The Man Himself put down:
>-- As has been commonly mentioned here before, the factory presets don't
>do the unit any sort of justice.  Not only is the selection of basic
>effects pretty tame, but the actual effects level is far too subtle to be
>noticed in a guitar store environment.  Like I said, there was little if
>anything in the factory sounds to suggest that the unit was capable of
>some of the things it can actually do; most of the stock patches sounded
>like a good chorus/delay unit with a lousy control interface.  The subtle
>velocity-sensitive bits and stereo panning details will never come across
>in Guitar Center, even under the best of circumstances.  And most of the
>preset pairs are so similar that I didn't even know I was engaging
>morphing most of the time.

I had half an hour in a friends studio. It was new to him, too. We found
pretty quickly how to operate it, but we were not interested in chorus and
such sounds and up to date I hardly can imagine what more it does.
But Chris will bring me one, he said! YIPIE! We might have a good time...