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Re: Re[2]: Vortex Applications Notes

Jon tells:

>Eventually, some smart person put his hands on a new (at the
>time) 2105 chip (manufacturer escapes me temporarily, sorry)

Thats Analog Devices, really the cheapest DSP there was.

and began
>experimenting. He discovered some serious mind-altering delay modulation 
>which simply couldn't be done within a Lexichip.

You meand there is no possibility to do the sounds on a PCM80? That must be
a limit of the Lexichip then, because I cannot see anything the 2105 does
that the "big" standard DSP don't do.

>Then somebody stumbled into the morphing thing,
>and a whole new set of doors opened up.

But morphing could and should be done on the PCM80, right?

>Morphing: OK, it was "an idea who's time had come", but I will say this.
>Morphing is the primary reason I use the box. I use it all the time, to 
>swell in delays, fast pedal detunes, slow ring-mod to
>flangin/panning/looping--fractal, or sometimes leave the pedal somewhere 
>in the
>middle for horribly nasty beauty.

I was looking for that for all kind of sounds, because I did not want to
switch. So I have a fader between two guitar sounds I can choose. On one
end piezo, on the other bridge distorted, on one end polydistortion, on the
other clean humbucking... is that morphing, anyway?

>Then, 20 years from now, you'll be able to sell it for $1200 as a classic,
>vintage, whatever...

Probably. And the JamMan, and the PLEX?
Certainly the LOOP delay will have a tremendous value - there are only 100
of it!