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Re: Echoplex system version?

>On Fri, 6 Dec 1996 jspeer@haverford.edu wrote:
>> Can anyone help me with Echoplex?  I am considering buying one, but I 
>> like to be sure that I am buying the latest version of the system.  What
>> are the distinuishing marks or phrases or insignia that I should look 
>> Thanks!
>> Jim
>There's only one version of the Plex currently on the market (unless you
>find one of the first 100 or so manufactured.  If the LED indicator reads
>"3.0" on power-up, it's one of the very first.  If it reads "3.2", it's
>after that.  Get the 3.2 edition.)  The software upgrade is still tied up
>in contractual limbo at Gibson/Oberheim.

what is the going price of the echoplex these days?