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Re: Vortex / LXP-5

Ken writes,

>I have a Lexicon LXP-5 I'm not having as good luck with.  Not only is it a
>pain in the ass to program, but I can't seem to get rid of the shrill
>"digital-ness" of the guitar sound through it, and I don't want to be
>cluttering up the signal more with some post-effect EQ or such.  I do like
>the fact that it does infinite loops that you can lock in and then play
>over,as well as a pitch shifter that's in tune in all octaves without any
>warbling or slap-back, but I don't like what it does to the tone.
>Maybe I just need to figure out the internal workings a little better, but
>it's a tough nut to crack, programming-wise.  Maybe it was more intended 
studio use rather than as a guitar effect?

Joe Gore (senior editor of Guitar Player, and guitarist w/PJ Harvey and 
called the LXP-5's user interface "user-sadistic". Best description I've 
heard. Horrible interface, really embarrassing.

As for using it with guitar, you need to know that, yes it was designed for
studio use only. At the time (and still today, though it's changing 
rapidly) the
engineering department at Lex refused to acknowledge the guitar market as a
market at all. They're all kids playing with toys, and *real* musicians 
use this stuff, only engineers do. I'm not joking here--this is how they
thought, and many there still think. But, the good news is that enough 
have come in who disagree that they're beginning to do some things right. 
MPX-1 is the start, and you'll see more in the future, assuming they don't 
the rug pulled out from under their feet.