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Vortex / LXP-5

I've been following the recent Vortex discussion with some curiosity - I 
mine about a year ago thinking I'd be able to tweeze a lot of really weird
custom sounds out of it (which I have done), but much to my surprise I 
the chorus/delay/vibrato/flanging/leslie/etc. stuff on it so much it ended 
replacing about four floor pedals dedicated to that stuff.  Pretty amazing
little box.  I also love how warm it sounds with the guitar signal.

 I have a Lexicon LXP-5 I'm not having as good luck with.  Not only is it a
pain in the ass to program, but I can't seem to get rid of the shrill
"digital-ness" of the guitar sound through it, and I don't want to be
cluttering up the signal more with some post-effect EQ or such.  I do like
the fact that it does infinite loops that you can lock in and then play 
as well as a pitch shifter that's in tune in all octaves without any 
or slap-back, but I don't like what it does to the tone.
Maybe I just need to figure out the internal workings a little better, but
it's a tough nut to crack, programming-wise.  Maybe it was more intended 
studio use rather than as a guitar effect?

Ken R