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Re: Fripp and the Plex

Andre said:
>I heard that at one point, Fripp was using an Oberheim Echoplex.  Is that
>still a part of his rig, or has he abandoned it in favor of 12 more T.C.

Fripp was signed up as an endorser for the echoplex. So was Belew. Gibson
never did anything about it, and never really followed up on the deal as
far as I could tell. That's kind of sad, because he could have given it
some great publicity.  I'm not sure if Robert is still using the Echoplex,
but he was really quite excited about it when he got it. I never heard from
him how he was using it, so if anyone ever saw him with it, I'd be very
interested to hear the story.

I had the pleasure of demoing the echoplex for him before one of the King
Crimson shows in SF. That's one of my fonder memories from those days.
Robert was very polite, and quite friendly. He was quite enthusiastic about
the echoplex and wanted to start using it as soon as possible. From what I
understand, he did use it, but I don't know if he still has it in his rack.
He had received a jamman around the same time from lexicon, but after the
plex demo, he said the jamduder was getting sent back. :-)

I spent an hour or so talking with fripp and his guitar tech about gear and
the music industry and such. It was very interesting to hear his
perspective on gear and looping. He had nothing but praise for 2290's, and
wanted to see similar features in other loopers. Of course, the 2290 is
quite limited for looping, but it sounds great and works well for creating
precise, interlocking polyrhythmic loops. That seemed to be the important
function he used them for.

He also complained a lot about having too many footpedals, and the fact
that nobody makes a good midi foot controller. He was using a Ground
Control, which he was very dissatisfied with. His problems with that pedal
are similar to my complaints about it. It's midi implementation is
ridiculously limited, having only program change and a couple of cont.
controllers that can't be accessed from the footswitches. Worst is the lack
of a midi in, so you can't dump your programming to disk and reload it.
This made things very complicated since he needed to maintain redundant
gear for touring. We also had similar experiences with the president of
Digital Music, finding him to be a bit of an arrogant jerk, unwilling to
listen to others suggestions.

He and his tech took me up on the stage to explain his whole rack set up.
Unfortunately, the details have gotten pretty hazy, so I probably can't
describe it very well.

I got to see the sound check and everything. And if you fripp/crimson fans
aren't green enough from that, I even had dinner with Bill Bruford, who was
probably the nicest fellow of them all.

Anyway, thanks for tolerating my little nostalgia trip...


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