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Fripp and the Plex

On Sat, 7 Dec 1996, Matthias Grob wrote:

> I maybe must say something of little respect: Its time to go way beyond
> Fripp in terms of looping! I said that to himself, too: A part of a long
> letter I wrote over a year ago was:
> He never answered. Maybe I was not delicate enough or did not understand
> his record. Or he and his disciples stick to what has been found, just 
> same way as many stick to Strat-Marsh music as developped by Hendrix...

I heard that at one point, Fripp was using an Oberheim Echoplex.  Is that 
still a part of his rig, or has he abandoned it in favor of 12 more T.C. 

As far as going beyond Fripp, what are you thinking of more 
specifically?  As Michael Peters has mentioned, some of the stuff he's 
doing recently is very very difficult to identify as real-time loop 
music, even though that's what it is.