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Re: Vortex / LXP-5

> I have a Lexicon LXP-5 I'm not having as good luck with.  Not only is it 
>pain in the ass to program, but I can't seem to get rid of the shrill
>"digital-ness" of the guitar sound through it, and I don't want to be
>cluttering up the signal more with some post-effect EQ or such.  I do like
>the fact that it does infinite loops that you can lock in and then play 
>as well as a pitch shifter that's in tune in all octaves without any 
>or slap-back, but I don't like what it does to the tone.
>Maybe I just need to figure out the internal workings a little better, but
>it's a tough nut to crack, programming-wise.  Maybe it was more intended 
>studio use rather than as a guitar effect?
Hmmmm, I have an LXP-5, and while I agree it's a pain in the ass to
progran, I wouldn't characterize the sound as shrill and digital. I think
it's one of the "warmest" sounding digital units in its price range. I use
it as well as a Boss SE-50 and alesis Midiverb III, and the lex sounds the
least digital sounding of all. Maybe you are sending it too hot of a
signal? It's pretty easy to distort the input, and I can hear distortion
before the clipping light goes on.

As far as programming it, get an MRC, the little remote controller box, if
you can. I couldn't imagine programming the LXP from the front panel, but
it's a breeze with the MRC. If you can't find one (I don't think they're
being made anymore) a programmable MIDI fader box would work, as long as
you can program system exclusive strings. I replaced my MRC with a Peavey
PC 1600, w/16 faders and 16 buttons, and it's an essential part of my rig.
It doesn't integrate with the LXP quite as smoothly as the MRC, but is much
easier to program for other MIDI uses. If you need help with the sysex
codes for the LXP, I can get them to you.

>Ken R

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