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Echoplex problems -- help

I'm having two problems with my echoplexes. Any help would be greatly

1)  If I try to use Brother sync between the two machines, it works for a 
but then crashes and one or both machines lock up.  I talked to someone 
who said
there was a hardware update available that might solve this.  Has anyone 
this problem, and does anyone know about this hardware update?

2) I've been unsuccessful in attempting to archive loops by sending them 
Midi Sample Dump Standard to a MAC computer running Alchemy software.  I 
am able
to send the sample to the computer successfully, but when I attempt to 
it to the Echoplex, I get an error message that says "insufficient memory."
I"ve got plenty of memory in the computer, and this has happened for the
shortest loops when the echoplex had 120 secs of free memory. From what I 
tell, the Alchemy error message is the one that comes up if the sampler is 
of memory, as I have been able to reproduce the message when I attempt to 
to another sampler that is  fully loaded.    Has anyone been able to 
from a computer using SDS?  It would be great if I could get this to work.