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Ground Control

On Sunday 12/8/96 Kim wrote:

>He also complained a lot about having too many footpedals, and the fact
>that nobody makes a good midi foot controller. He was using a Ground
>Control, which he was very dissatisfied with. His problems with that pedal
>are similar to my complaints about it. It's midi implementation is
>ridiculously limited, having only program change and a couple of cont.
>controllers that can't be accessed from the footswitches. Worst is the 
>of a midi in, so you can't dump your programming to disk and reload it.
>This made things very complicated since he needed to maintain redundant
>gear for touring.

Now I've been in communication with Ed Drake who likes this unit and I was
preparing to buy one. Does anyone know if Mr. Fripp was using Version 2 of
this unit? Also I'd appreciate any one else's experience with this or
similar unit's. For now I'll keep my credit card in the wallet.