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Bon Lozaga...Deep Purple Loops...!!?

At 11:18 AM 12/8/96 -0800, you wrote:
>PMimlitsch@aol.com writes:
>>Bon Lazaga will be performing solo (lots of looping goin' on) this Thurs.
>>night Dec. 12th at the "Down to Earth Coffeehouse" in Mt. Holly, New 
>> Start time 8:00pm, cover charge-$5.00.  Call (609)265-9135 for
>>info/directions etc.
>If anyone tapes this, please contact me directly.
>I saw it last friday evening , and it was a great show. make the drive if
ya can - you'll hear some gorgeous tones and thick layered space guitar
textures. Very interesting stuff.

Also - I saw Deep Purple tonight... with Steve Morse. All in all a good 
- they of course did all the classics ( Hush, woman fr Tokyo, Smoke on-,
etc) but mid-set Morse had a great 10 min spotlight, which included several
minutes of him creating two loops and soaring over them..at one point the
drummer Ian Paice came in and play to the loop-groove. It added a nice
spontaneity to the gig (which was generally spontaneous and fun, in fact.
Morse is simply incredible. And he played the older material faithfully to
Blackmore's style. Well, enough about Purple, but it was loop-related....

andre (east)