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Re: Why Vortex flopped...?

At 9:02 AM 12/7/96, Jon Durant wrote:
>In a lot of ways, there were people who made it impossible for the 
>team to really have any say over what would end up in the box. This is 
>what we
>often referred to as "sales prevention". An ugly situation, which as near 
>as I
>can tell, continues to worsen since my departure. Sad, really. Some really
>ideas are simply being throuwn away, and very good people are getting fed
>up and
>Do I sound bitter?

I think I can relate Jon....

G-WIZ had similar problems, of engineering managers thinking they knew
everything and ignoring marketing advice. Ignoring engineer's advice too.
That has a lot to do with the flaws that are in the Echoplex.

It seems to me that there is an exodus happening all over the music
industry. There's no one left at G-WIZ. I now work at Chromatic Reseach,
firmly in the multimedia arena. I have coworkers there that used to be
engineers at places like Emu, Korg, Euphonix, and others. Even Tom Oberheim
works there. As pc's integrate more audio and musical instrument
capabilities, our expertise becomes increasingly valuable to computer
companies. And these companies can offer way better salaries and benefits
than the MI industry can. Not to mention extremely competent mangement
teams that don't behave in some of the moronic ways people I've encountered
in the music industry behave. And the work itself is pretty interesting. I
used to think that working in the computer industry would bore me to death,
but that's changed a lot over the past few years. I miss working directly
with musical instruments, but the things I do now aren't too far behind
that. Even more interesting in other ways. I mean, the synth architecture
being built into Chromatic's software for pc's running Win95 is as good or
better than that in any professional synth.

I took a lot of good ideas with me when I left the music industry, which I
hope to someday do something with, but not anywhere near as quickly as I
might have. I'm sure the same is true for others. We may be in for quite a
drought in electronic musical instrument innovations in coming years. Time
will tell I guess, but I sure haven't seen many interesting products


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