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Re: Ground Control

In a message dated 12/9/96 2:48:20 PM, Jim wrote:

<<I've had pretty good luck controlling the echoplex w/ my GSP2101
foot controller (now called Control One).  I've set two buttons
to send MIDI CC messages (one at 0, the other at 64) to control
overdub and multiply.  One click sets one of the echopex buttons
on, then a second click turns them off. Fortunately, the "hold"
functionality of these two buttons is very close to their normal
behavior when pushed from the front panel.  I was also able to 
set up the record button, but the 2101fc buttons didn't respond as
well as the sustain pedal I use for that.

I also use the 2101 w/ foot controller to control not an echoplex (which 
still up in the air about getting) but to control some of the functions of
the Jamman.  However the one thing it doesn't initiate well is the tap
(record) function.  There is a noticeable delay between the actual foot tap
and the response of the Jamman that does not occur w/the stock Jamman
footswitch. This, obviously, is unexceptable when your trying to initiate
recording  mid-stream of particular rythmic cycle. So for this I still use
the stock footswitch to capture the initial loop length and then the 2101fc
for any layering,fading,mute/restarts etc.