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Re: Echoplex problems -- help

Kim Flint wrote:
Kim wrote,
> You're particular troubles sound related, but different. Do you have one 
> the very first set of production units? ...

My brother Chris and I have 5 plex's between us.  We had oh soo many
problems, but we sent them back to Oberheim and months and months later
they came back (hooray!!) working much better.  We still have glitches
when running brother sync for all five, but these seem to be of the
power up/down type.  We still have lots of irregularity when syncing w/
MIDI and brother sync.  I've can sample a CD loop into plex1 (sync=IN). 
This loop will stay insync w/ the MIDI for a short period of time (5-15
min), although the loop and orig. signal will flange somewhat (slightly
out of phase, but no short-term drift) .  With Plex's 2-5 set to
sync=OUT, #'s 2-5 can be looped synced w/1.  

Now this is where the fun starts! plex2 will stay in sync w/ MIDI and
plex1 about as well as plex 1.  If a loop is thrown to plex3, plex 2 & 3
will stay in sync but they will drift from plex 1(MIDI)  OR 1 & 2 will
sync but 3 will drift.  Adding plex's 3-5 just adds more randomness or
not (Yous takes your chances).  This can be interesting but does not
allow for the 5 plex's tight synced w/ MIDI that we were hoping for.
A work around for this that is OK for some purposes is to dedicate one
plex to MIDI seqs (196 sec or less).  Sample the MIDI (drums patterns,
progressions, etc.) into plex1 (sync = IN).  Switch sync = OUT and now
play loops into the rest of the plex's (sync = OUT) and shut the
sequencer off.  This untilizes brother sync for all units and this seems
to work fine.

I have also noticed that when syncing to MIDI (sync= IN), if start the
MIDI (drum machine, seq, etc.) then hit record, the plex goes to 000 and
waits for the MIDI "one beat" (as it should).  However, if I delete this
loop or try sereral takes, eventually, the plex looses the "one beat"
and jsuts starts recording as soon as I hit record.  The only way to get
things working is to shut off/on the plex, stop the MIDI and start
over.  I have also been unable to get Roland or Boss MIDI gear to get
the plex to start on the "one beat" (Roland PMA-5, Dr 550)  these units
send MIDI clock as evident by the flashing green light on the plex, but
when you hit record, it starts on the very next beat, not the "one",
similar to the way JamMans tap into sync w/ MIDI.

I've seen postings indicating that the echoplex can be synced to MIDI
with little-to-no drift (sometimes a little is way too much!!), but I
have never acomplished this for more than a short period.  We are really
interested in having the ability to use MIDI as the master clock, but
the drift jst doesn't allow this.  Does anyone have any suggestions? or
success stories?