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Syncing to MIDI

On Mon, 9 Dec 1996, Anton Chovit wrote:

> I have also noticed that when syncing to MIDI (sync= IN), if start the
> MIDI (drum machine, seq, etc.) then hit record, the plex goes to 000 and
> waits for the MIDI "one beat" (as it should).  However, if I delete this
> loop or try sereral takes, eventually, the plex looses the "one beat"
> and jsuts starts recording as soon as I hit record.  The only way to get
> things working is to shut off/on the plex, stop the MIDI and start
> over. 

Yeah, I've run into this problem many times as well.  It's kind of a drag 
to have to power down, power back up, then start from scratch every time 
you want to sync a new loop.  Perhaps this is yet another element 
corrected in the upgrade?