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Re: Vortex features?

Hey there mate!  As one who just purchased a vortex, I will try to
describe my first impressions.  To preface, I must say that I demoed one
of these a year or so ago and was totally unimpressed.  I couldn't get
it to sound good for anything at the music store with someone else's
setup (and a guitar I didn't like).  This summer my brother bought a
unit and has been doing some really incredible things with it.  So I
finaly broke down and got one.  


­It is weird.
­Not like other effects.
­The presets suck without tweeking (especially the MIX parameter) and
proper stereo set-up.
­The interface is actually simple and somewhat intuitive: Since I am
used to completely unintuitive, awkward interfaces like an R8M or a DX7
it took me a while to realize this.
­With tweeking, it is capable of some of the coolest sounds are I have
ever created.
­Can sound like a complete pedal effect layout gone quite crazy.  Way
more interesting than the typical DDL/reverb/multi effects I've used.
­Then I tried morphing; Whoa!! I've never done that before!
­Next I plugged-in an expression pedal and things got really twisted.
­Between morphing and the real time expresion pedal control, I know of
no equal effect unit. (I've used an ART SGX2000 with the x-15 MIDI
controller w/expression control, etc., but that is apples to oranges)
­Sounds like an orchestral mix between simultaneous envelope filters,
delays, and modulating flange & chourus effects.
­Allows me to play the effect as much as/(and as if it were) the
­This is going to take a long time to figure out.
­This is going to be fun to use for a long time!
­Bottom Line #1:For $150 what do you want?  THIS THING ROCKS!!!!!
­Bottom Line #2:I want another one.