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Re: Vortex features?

Dave Mitchell wrote,

>As a new arrival to the list, I've been waiting for someone to list the
>Vortex features, but it hasn't happened over the last few weeks...

Dave, here's the condensed version:

The Lexicon Vortex is a stereo-capable signal processor which includes a
pair of delays, a pair of modulators, and an envelope follower,
which can be configured in a variety of ways.  It stores 16 pairs
of factory patches and 16 user-programmable patch pairs.  What makes
it totally different from most other processors is its capacity
to "morph" between the two patches in each pair, either with an
expression pedal or by programming a morph duration (which can be
up to ten seconds) and using a footswitch.  Some seriously twisted
things can happen during the morph, and the envelope follower can
make things even stranger.  The two delays can be cascaded for a total
maximum delay time of 1.846 seconds; tempo can be tapped in with a
footswitch; and it can be configured as a looping sampler.  It can
also be used more conventionally, with flanger, chorus, tremolo, and
rotary speaker effects combined with delays in various ways. 

Since I've had mine for only a short time, I'm certainly no authority.
You can read the same user reports that seduced me into buying mine at
along with some cautionary tales from Vortex purchasers outside the USA.

John                              Email:  johnpollock@delphi.com
Troubador Tech on the Web--http://people.delphi.com/johnpollock/