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Re: Digitech Whammy pedal

On Wed, 11 Dec 1996, David Orton wrote:

>      Calling all loopers
>      Does anyone out there have an experience good or bad with the Whammy
>      Pedal?
>      It appears to be something I could use, but just a shade expensive 
>      the UK. I'm mainly concerned with sound quality. Do its 
>      `warble' (as my Zoom pedal already does!) or is it (relatively)
>      stable?

David --

I don't use one, but the guitarist that I play with does.  It's been
useful for us.  Some of the higher range of pitchshifting (say, from
a little above 1 octave, up to 2 octaves) is a bit warbly, but not
digustingly so (and once you get up to 2 octaves, pretty much anything you
play sounds silly anyway :)
Pitchshifting down, and the harmonization effects are cleaner.  Oh, and
the Whammy II does seem to have a cleaner sound than the original model.
That, and an input gain control make it the better choice of the two.
(Not sure if you can even find the 1st version anymore, in any case.)

Haven't heard the Zoom pedal, so I can't make a relative comparison
between the two.

 --Eric Cook                ecook@mail.msen.com
  Gravitar-Guy              http://www.msen.com/~ecook/gravitar.html