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Re: Digitech Whammy pedal

I use the Whammy II (the jprices are dropping) and it has many uses ... at
the price (less than $200) it does not do a bad job of on the fly
harmonizing and pitch shifting within preset parameters ... but with the
pedal one can get in between various setting, create some interesting noise
... and do some other neat things ... shifting pitch one and two octaves
higher just before a good reverb unit and feeding it a good tone, makes for
some sweet lines.


Calling all loopers
>     Does anyone out there have an experience good or bad with the Whammy
>     Pedal?
>     It appears to be something I could use, but just a shade expensive in
>     the UK. I'm mainly concerned with sound quality. Do its 
>     `warble' (as my Zoom pedal already does!) or is it (relatively)
>     stable?
>     Cheers
>     David