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Re: Fripp and the Plex

At 8:52 AM 12/9/96, S. Patrick Hickey wrote:
>So, you met Crimso.  How nice for you.
>(Seething, loathing, envious, hating, jealousy abounds!!! :)
>:) :)

So how's this: at the time, I had only listened to one of their albums
years before, when I had borrowed it from a friend for a week. So I could
hardly be described as a fan. So in addition to being totally unfamiliar
with their music, I knew practically nothing about Robert Fripp, aside from
little tidbits I had picked up here and there from reading Guitar Player.
If there was some magnitude to the event, it was certainly wasted on me!

I did enjoy the show enough to go out and buy a couple of albums (Thrak and
Discipline). I like the music, but it hasn't exactly been in heavy rotation
in the cd player....


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