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Re: Fripp and the Plex

> years before, when I had borrowed it from a friend for a week. So I could
> hardly be described as a fan. So in addition to being totally unfamiliar
> with their music, I knew practically nothing about Robert Fripp, aside 
> little tidbits I had picked up here and there from reading Guitar Player.
> If there was some magnitude to the event, it was certainly wasted on me!
> I did enjoy the show enough to go out and buy a couple of albums (Thrak 
> Discipline). I like the music, but it hasn't exactly been in heavy 
> in the cd player....
> kim

I think King Crimson's music serves as a useful bridge between "normal"
rock music and the wild n' woolly world of experimental and free-improvised
music for people who are used to more accessible rock, are willing to
be a little daring, but aren't quite ready yet for, say, Fred Frith,
Hans Reichel, Derek Bailey, Jim O' Rourke, Dr. Nerve,etc.
Kind of like Frank Zappa, except that while he used humor and sendups of
popular music forms to lure people into listening to adventurous music,
King Crimson relies on heavy riffs and rhythmic effects.  And both
excelled at creating public personalities to draw attention to themselves.

Just my opinion, of course.

Paolo Valladolid
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