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Re: Fripp and the Plex

Kim writes:

>So how's this: at the time, I had only listened to one of their albums
>years before, when I had borrowed it from a friend for a week. So I could
>hardly be described as a fan. So in addition to being totally unfamiliar
>with their music, I knew practically nothing about Robert Fripp, aside 
little tidbits I had picked up here and there from reading Guitar >Player. 
there was some magnitude to the event, it was certainly wasted >on me!

I, too had an interesting Crimson backstage experience, though I didn't 
meet up
with Mr. Fripp. I had a great time chatting with Tony and Bill, and later 
(who had gotten the passes), and when I found Adirian, he was talking with
Reeves Gabrels (with whom I had been hanging two nights previous after the 
Harvey concert with Joe Gore on guitar). Anyway, Adrian looks at me, and 
says "I
know you" and of course I re-introduce myself (for the 3rd time) as Jon 
Lexicon. To which he says, rather unpleasantly, "oh yeah, right. How'd you 
back here?" Gee, Adrian, everyone in the band uses our gear (including
yourself), is it so surprising that a couple of 'em offered me tickets, 
What a dick.

Also re: Fripp and Frippertronics/Soundscapes. Earlier, our friend Paolo 
reference to the need to go beyond Fripp in this loopage arena, and I 
applaud him for his words and vision. Last year I bought "Blessing of 
with some trepidation. I thought it would blow me away, and I'd feel like 
idiot trying to make loop-based music in the face of his maginitude. So I 
put it
on, and immediately begin to feel like I was right. Then, several things
happend: 1. the music didn't progress. It built to a level, and stayed 
there. 2.
There were no dynamic shifts, nor were there any moments of absolute 
Just this (beautiful) wash of sound. 3. Then track 2 comes on, and it's 
the same
thing (essentially) as track 1. No textural change, same harmonic 
structure, no
difference from where I sat. As the record wore on, I had to turn it off. 
someone gave me a copy of Radiophonics. It begins with some wild atonal 
and I thought "yeah, OK, here we go". But it didn't go anywhere. Just a 
CD's worth of this stuff. 

Long way of saying, Fripp has great ideas, and is doing interesting work, 
it's not enough on its own. I walked away from those two CDs thinking, 
left the door wide open for the rest of us". 

Anyway, my $0.02 worth.