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Echoplex Pedal ??

I recently picked up an Obie echoplex without the pedal. I was messing 
around with it's midi on one of my old keyboards and figured out how to 
assign  record, overdub, reverse, etc. to individual keys. This got me 
thinking about all the cheap used mdidi foot pedal (ADA, ART X15 etc) 
that are floating around and if they could do the trick as well.

I'm considering buying the actual obie pedal for this although it's over 
$100 and if I'm gonna spend that money I'd rather get a pedal with a 
little more flexibilty that i can use on other gear.

has anyone used an off the shelf midi copntroller pedalboard to control 
their echoplex? any suggestions on one to check out or settings to use?

Forgive me if thsi is covered somewhere. Just point me to a URl or FAQ 
and I'll dig it out myself if it is.

Thanks for any/all advice.


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