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I coulda had uh ebowed V8

greets and beats and I'll soon be outta new york and back to neworleans 
for a
time! yeah!!!!!!   }8-]

about the e-bow and the roland device.
it's physics dude. basically what yer dealing with is a midi pick-up 
to respond to specific types of percussive vibration. If you were able to
make this hexiphonic pickup more sensitive(by a huge amount) then you might
be able to use it in this way. in most ways the vg is a synth more than a
from my experience with both the vg-8/gr-1/etc and the gk-2/2a pickup it is
not very practical to try to use the instrument in such a way.
furthermore, the vg-8 is designed to replicate(as in replicant) complete
guitar/amp/pickup and almost, even, technique ... if you could get the 
to generate enough response from mr. V then more than likely you would not
get any of the qualities that make the e-bow what it is.
in my mind the vg-8 is an interesting piece that does away with much of the
physicallity of electric quitar.

my humble experience and opinions, of course.


bought a vortex... think that guitar center and lexicon will recognize us 
the single greatest buying power of the vortex and send us an award? or
maybe, a tshirt? how bout an upgrade path?