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RE: KC video: live in japan, oct. 95

>From:  Dan Howarth
>Sent:  Tuesday, December 17, 1996 1:43 AM
>To:    John_Ott@ATK.COM
>Cc:    loopers-delight@annihilist.com
>Subject:       KC video: live in japan, oct. 95
>anybody else have this yet? i've watched it twice in the last 20 hours...
>i'm sorry that i missed them on the tour, but this seems to make up for
>it. there's great footage of everyone (except TG, in my opinion not
>enough) and it's very well patched together - except for very annoying
>camera shaking and panning (i think it was an attempt to be weird. just
>kinda shook up my stomach a little - and being the worldest evil-est
>band and slightly drunk... well, the camera didn't need to shake that
>much - they're hard enough to follow as it is).
>there's some neat footage of fripp dialing his effects during B'Boom, too.
>very prominent TC 2290s and Eventide equipment in his main rack.
>there's not much of a comparison between the stick and the warr guitar (of
>which TG plays only the 8 string model) in the video. there is an
>interesting version of the stick improv/duet from the live album, but the
>processing of each was unclear for comparison value.

Got this a few weeks ago myself (also the Fripp/Sylvian laserdisc) from
Possible Productions.   The video was originally shot for a Japanese
TV show.   Wierd video is from Director of the TV Show.   

What struck me as weird was Belew's guitars.  Saw KC twice 
(Warner june 95 DC as last summer at merriweather Post MD)
and Adrian had three Fender Custom Shop Strats both shows.
Yet in the Video he has just the one Strat and Plays a Les Paul
(one of Fripp's Tokai Les Paul copys?) and a Parker Fly.  He mentioned
in Guitar Player (June 95 KC feature) that he really likes the Fly
but would be using the Custom Shop Strats on Tour.  
Did some get lost or damaged in shipping?

>I'll have to post to ET to see if anyone knows the story behind this.
    The Fripp Sylvian disc is much better.  The director was very good
    at getting the soloist on film.   Cool interplay between Micheal
Brook and
    Fripp at one point.   I had the Damage CD (same tour different
    and had a some Ideas as to who played what.  The video straighted
    out.  (I was right about 80% but was dead wrong on one solo that
    I was sure was Trey Gunn (just like something on the Third Star)
    to find Fripp playing it in the Video, oh well they both use