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re:Vortex problems?

On Tue, 17 Dec 1996, Bret Moreland wrote:
> VanEyck <vaneyck@interlog.com> wrote:
>   I noticed in the archive that there
> have been some problems with the "new" Vortex units from Guitar Centre.
>       What is the final word?  Are the units faulty?
> ----------------------------
> I just received a Vortex last week from the Hollywood Guitar Center.  It 
> is good working condition.  However, it was obvious that someone else 
> opened this unit before me (was it a return?).  The inner cardboard 
> packaging had been torn open, and the stereo interconnect cord for the 
> footswitches was missing.  They said they would _see what they could do_ 
> to replace the cord, which right now is nothing.  They did offer to let 
> return the entire unit and they would send me a new Vortex, which hardly 
> seems worthwhile for a $2 cord.  At least GS has a very liberal return 
> policy, 30 day return for full refund if you are not satisfied, if it is 
> in the original condition.  

Be wary that at least one or two of the European subscribers on this list
have ordered Vortexes from Guitar Center, and recieved faulty units.  The
warranty *did not* apply in these cases; GC claimed that since the
shipments had been overseas, the return policy/warranty was null and void. 

> ----------------------------------------------        
>       Does anyone know if they are still available?  What is the best
> way to contact Guitar Centre?
> -------------------------

Your second question in the above paragraph sounds suspiciously ripe for 
a punch line, which I'm unfortunately unable to conjour up right now.  

As for availability, I heard recently that the "absolute last-chance
offer"  on the Vortexes was coming up, but you should keep in mind that
Guitar Center has regular "Best price of the year/One-time-only/Last
chance ever deals!!!" about once every two or three weeks.  Also keep in
mind that even at the current steal-me sales price, the Vortex is too
strange a beast to be flying out the doors.  You should be able to find a
GC somewhere that still has the things in stock and is all too willing to
unload the units.  It beats having them collect dust.  (I wonder if they'd
bother sending any unsold units back to Lexicon...?)