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re:Vortex problems?

VanEyck <vaneyck@interlog.com> wrote:
  I noticed in the archive that there
have been some problems with the "new" Vortex units from Guitar Centre.

        What is the final word?  Are the units faulty?
I just received a Vortex last week from the Hollywood Guitar Center.  It 
is good working condition.  However, it was obvious that someone else had 
opened this unit before me (was it a return?).  The inner cardboard 
packaging had been torn open, and the stereo interconnect cord for the 
footswitches was missing.  They said they would _see what they could do_ 
to replace the cord, which right now is nothing.  They did offer to let me 
return the entire unit and they would send me a new Vortex, which hardly 
seems worthwhile for a $2 cord.  At least GS has a very liberal return 
policy, 30 day return for full refund if you are not satisfied, if it is 
in the original condition.  

        Does anyone know if they are still available?  What is the best
way to contact Guitar Centre?

Call GS for availability.
Not sure what the best way to contact them, but I called 213 874-1060 
Hollywood GS to order.  The other locations and phone numbers can be found