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Unidentified subject!


        I am new to the mailing list.  I noticed in the archive that there
have been some problems with the "new" Vortex units from Guitar Centre.

        What is the final word?  Are the units faulty?

        I am considering ordering one if they are still available, but as
I am in Canada they may not warranty the unit.

        Does anyone know if they are still available?  What is the best
way to contact Guitar Centre?

        For what it's worth as an introduction, I am a big fan of Gary
Lucas - any others out there?  and I really dig the Digitech PDS series
units as well as the 16 Second of course.  I usually inhabit the sort of
one man band sonic assault territory of the aforementioned Gary Lucas
sometimes treading towards the Helios Creedish stuff with a huge nod to
the '60s and '70s guitar gods.

        Pleased to meet you.