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Re: Ridiculous Echoprice & software upgrade

At 12:59 PM 12/16/96, Chris Chovit wrote:
>James E. Williamson wrote:
>>    I just wanted to annouce that the marketing geniuses at GMI, the
>>parent company of Gibson and Oberheim, have decided once again, in
>>their infinite wisdom, to raise the price of the Echoplex yet again, to
>>a list price of 1000 US dollars, effective jan 1.  So, all of you iffy
>>jamman people should jump ship immediately while the list price is only
>>:) $700.

I haven't checked in on Oberheim on this yet, but I was wondering where you
had heard it?

>Oh man....this is unfortunate.  Kim, Matthias.....or anyone else with some
>intuition in this area:

a few hurdles remain, but hopefully all will be well soon. Patience, a
touch of zen, and the ability to perceive time on geologic scales is all
you need...

>The frustration I'm feeling is probably what motivated Matthias to design
>the 'plex in the first place....
>- Chris

The frustration you feel now is gnat-sized compared to what you would
experience after you attempted to design such a thing.....


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