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My credentials as such

Hi folks --

I just wanted to mention a point which I had tried to state in my
mega-post from a couple of days ago, which I have probably not
sufficiently made clear.  That point is that I don't claim to have any
special information or insider's account of how Fripp, Torn, or any other
loopers (aside from myself) do their thing, and any statements or analyses
that I may make should be taken for what they are -- which are
combinations of observations I've made either through listening, watching,
or reading. 

Which is to say, my statements about Fripp and Torn's different ways of
making music should not be taken as gospel, since I may be (and in some
cases actually am) mistaken in my assessment of how these people do their
thing.  They're just my own conclusions and assumptions (and often
opinions), so don't get the impression that my analysis of these
procedures are factory-authorized statements from the men themselves. 

Anyway, I just wanted to make that clear, and see to it that no one runs
around taking what I'm saying about either Fripp or Torn as absolute,
incontrovertible fact. 

Now setting the hubris elimination system to maximum intensity,