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RE: Beyond Fripp (long)

On 19 Dec 1996, Michael Peters wrote:

> Ok, here goes, Andre:
> I recommend reading my "History of Looping" article on our web site - it 
> tell you about Terry Riley who used loops years before Fripp in many live
> concerts, and who probably invented this thing years before Eno 
> with it.

Thanks Michael.  I had a feeling there might be something to that effect
lurking in your article (which, incidentally, I had checked out shortly
after it was posted, and which I enjoyed very much), but I thought I'd
make the posting anyway just in case.  I've just checked the article over
again, and it seems that Riley was indeed using a very similar
methodology, although the exact nature of the work that he describes seems
more along the lines of playing and recording silently, then stopping the
instrumental performance and playing back some of the saxophone, which is
a different sort of beast.  (Of course, I may well be in error about

At any rate, thanks for clearing it up, and I hope I didn't give you the
impression that I was ignoring your contributions to the web page.