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Re: Beyond Fripp (long)

Andre writes:
>When Torn staged his solo tour in support of "Tripping" (and Trilok 
many of the songs were accompanied by DAT backing tracks or drum 

Actually, all the backing bits were loops/samples on his Roland 770 
controlled by an old MIDI controller. And, much of the noise was being 
live as well. If you were close enough to see, you could tell which was 
which by
wathing his right hand moving faders!

>One thing that I would have to say is that Fripp is the first person I'm 
>aware of who was using real-time looping in a live performance context.

I've heard that in the old days of Roxy Music (when Eno was in the band) 
Manzanera was using a "prototype" frippertonics system live. Can't confirm 
myself, but maybe someone else out there can.

Travis chimes in:
>Indeed, the bulk of Fripp guest appearances in the last few 
>years have been of the background-Soundscapes variety, and some people 
>have speculated that he just sends the interested party some tapes and 
>lets them pick through to find what might be useful to them.  I'm not 
>saying this is a bad idea.

Which is also why Torn did his Tonal Textures CD ROM (and the forthcoming
Pandora's Toolbox CD ROM). He was being used in soundtracks where he had 
no idea
(and payment for same, btw) that he was being used, because people got a 
hold of
some dats, etc. So now he's making himself available cheap to people who 
willing to fork over $100 bucks for 70 mins worth of loopage.