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RE: Beyond Fripp (long)

Andre says,

>One thing that I would have to say is that Fripp is the first person I'm 
>aware of who was using real-time looping in a live performance context.  
>I know he didn't invent reel-to-reel tape loops, or any other mechanical 
>looping principle.  But I haven't heard of anyone previous to him who 
>actually took the gear out into the "real world" and performed live 
>concerts using this sort of hardware.  (If there is indeed historical 
>prescedent for this before Fripp, please feel free to correct me).  

Ok, here goes, Andre:

I recommend reading my "History of Looping" article on our web site - it 
tell you about Terry Riley who used loops years before Fripp in many live
concerts, and who probably invented this thing years before Eno 
with it.

Michael Peters   
private:        100041.247@compuserve.com
work:   mp@harold-scholz.de