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Re: Ed Alleyne-Johnson

Michael said:
>Basically Ed Alleyne-Johnson plays baroque (Bach?) influenced
>counterpoint/rhythm/percussive stuff on solo violin and pedalboard, with
>some arabic and Hendrixian influences.  I don't know who to send this to -
>if everyone can sort it out, decide among yourselves and let me know.  I
>really only have time to make one copy, though.  Maybe a tape tree would

This is definitally interesting to me! But I am not a good point to let a
tape tree grow (trees grow quickly here but until they reach another

>The album contains a lot of structured, non-improvised loops - is this 
>we need "beyond Fripp"?  Structure, rather than improv?

What I meant was not about improv or not, rather about dynamics.
Its a bigger question even: Can structure be improvised, or is it by
definition something planned?
Is it structuring if I for example have phases with open feedback, building
a constant carpet, and phases with less feedback, changing clima, or even
rythm in the same piece? This can easily be improvised.