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Re: Beyond Fripp (long)

Hi everyone,

For one, I'm thankful that Fripp has chosen to limit his Soundscapes to the
dimensions he has so far.  His genius is such that he always leaves room
for those he influences to make their own personal statements.  If you look
at the catalog of British prog-rock groups that developed from former
members of KC, plus other groups or soloists he has touched through the
Guitar Craft (like the California Guitar Trio).  I don't see Fripps major
role in modern music as that of a virtuoso performer (although he certainly
qualifies as such).  His main contribution is breaking down barriers or
opening up new horizons and then stepping aside as others, inspired by the
vistas he has revealed, blaze new trails of their own.  The really amazing
thing to me is his openness to what can only be termed as "revelation." 
His process of patiently waiting for the future to reveal itself to him (as
in the double trio concept, or Frippertronics) enables him to tap
inspirations that transcend technical abilities and perceived limitations
of the guitar as an instrument.

In my own music, as in much of the music the guitarists here perform, all
owe a debt to RF's visions.  But thankfully, he left much unsaid in the
musical sense, leaving room for me and others to explore the alleyways of
the paths he paved.

Greg West/Six-String Arts

P.S. If you haven't already, visit the SSA websites at