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Hello, loopists...been enjoying your rantings and ravings as i struggle to
locate the looper of MY dreams: stereo a MUST, expandable ram, all the 
usual tricks ala Vortex, Jamman, Echoplex, AND no more than $1000...(or at
least not much more...too bad I can't afford to jump on a pair of 
right now!). I keep leaning towards, then backing off the little Roland
MS-1...great price and memory, but so limited...too bad.

....to that end, I called Bob Sellon, the guy who did Torn's PCM-42 
(he's at 617-280-0395...not the # in the GP article...and seems to work for
Very interesting...I was asking if the Vortex could be expanded
delay-time-wise, and it seems not without the addition of another chip, for
which no provision was designed in. BUT, he claimed, 1: that he may be 
out with some Jamman tweaks, and 2: that the just-out MPX from Lexicon Does
have space for extra memory/chips, thanks to his insisting on it at the
design stage, but no existing plans to actually use the space or expand its
sampling/looping capabilities...his advice? Call Lexicon and ask for extra

btw; My current guitar rig, for playing in my mostly quite modest home
Centerpiece is a VG-8, aided by a MesaB studio pre + ADA Ampulator, and a
DP-4. My guitar's piezo outs go into a Vortex, and all are mixed into a
little Mackie...there's some intriguing SHORT looping possibilies here, but
that VG is such a pharmacopia of atmospheres that longer loops are a must
Thanks for your great list!