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RE: Beyond Fripp (long)

> it seems that Riley was indeed using a very similar methodology, 
>>although the
exact nature of the work that he describes seems
>more along the lines of playing and recording silently, then stopping the
>instrumental performance and playing back some of the saxophone, >which 
>is a
different sort of beast.  (Of course, I may well be in error >about 

As far as I understood he just did this when during his all-night 
concerts, he
needed to have a break and didn't want to interrupt his spaced-out (or 
audience. Many years ago, I saw 2 or 3 evening concerts and he played 
along with
his delay all the time, although at that time I had no clear idea of what 
he was
exactly doing.

>I hope I didn't give you the impression that I was ignoring your 
to the web page. 

Thanks, no that's alright Andre, I just wanted to make sure. <g>

Michael Peters   
private:        100041.247@compuserve.com
work:   mp@harold-scholz.de