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Re: On-guitar control?

I would like to help, but my Vortex is still with Chris :-/
So, what do you mean by ac/dc separaton and CC input?

>I don't have a Vortex, and my guess on the ac/dc separation might be way
>off, but...
>would it be possible to wire a guitar signal to a stereo plug, with the
>other tap driving the 'tex CC input?  Could the signals be separtated by

I suppose the control signal is dc. You may put a cap to ground to keep the
line slow and thus prevent it from sending clicks into the parallel line
with the sound.
Why did you put the serial cap?
>-------------------------|         |--------------
>pickups, vol etc           stereo                 to amp in
>-------------------------|  cord   |-------||-----
>spare pot                               |
>-------------------------|         |----=======to CC i/p
>does this make sense?  (sorry, I'm no ASCII artist either!)
>Dr Michael Pycraft Hughes      Bioelectronic Research Centre, Rankine 
>Tel: (+44) 141 330 5979        University of Glasgow, Glasgow G12 8QQ, 
>        "Everything in moderation, including moderation" (Zen Proverb)