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Re: dj loopers

Kim Flint writes:
>At 11:33 PM 12/17/96, JOHNPOLLOCK@delphi.com wrote:
>>Dave Trenkel wrote, in part,
>>>on another subject, does anyone have any experience with the cheapo
>>>samplers that Roland, Yamaha, and (I think) Akai are coming out with?
>I saw some really hip demos of these dj oriented loopers at the Frankfurt
>trade show. I haven't had a chance to play with them myself, but I think
>they offer some interesting possibilities. A key difference from the
>echoplex/jamman/boomerang loopers is that these were designed specifically
>for dj/dance mix type musicians, and therefore they offer different sorts
>of features and a different sort of control interface. I think some
>interesting cross-breeding potential lies in there...
Could you be a little more specific? What was hip about the demos, what
makes them more specific to the dance/dj crowd? I fairly interested them,
but I haven't been able to get much info.

I think that there's a really interesting crossover between the equipment
needs of the dance scene and looping. I've been using a Roland mc-303 drum
machine/sequencer/tone module lately, which was designed specifically for
the dance scene, and it's one of the best live-performance oriented pieces
of midi gear ever. A fairly intuitive interface, lots of real-time controls
(filters, envelopes, arpeggiator), and a pretty cool feature that allows
you to trigger sequences from the keyboard on top of any playing sequences,
kind of like a sampler, but the loops come out synched to the master
sequence. It's definitely designed to allow a lot of real-time modification
of sequenced material. And it also makes a great master-clock for the

Hey, I've got an Echoplex Pro in my studio, borrowed, for 2 weeks, w/50
seconds worth of memory. First impressions: a very deep machine. With the
jamman, I fest like I had mastered the learning-curve in about 1/2 hour,
and then was on to really using it. The echoplex seems much deeper, and
that I'll barely get into it in 2 weeks. The sound quality is excellent,
though, way more "transparent" than the J-man.

Also, I've got a vortex on order, should see it in a few days...

>And since the dj subject has tentatively resurfaced, does anyone know any
>dj types that would be interested in joining the list? There is a whole
>world of looping in that genre, with an assortment of well developed
>techniques not found in the soundscape/guitar-loop variety that tends to
>get focused on here. I think some articulate dj types could give us a real
>interesting (and probably needed) perspective.
The liner-notes to DJ Spooky's records have some pretty interesting
thoughts on the african influence on the sampling/looping/manipulating
esthetic. Would it be a breach of copyright for me to quote some here?

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