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dj loopers

At 11:33 PM 12/17/96, JOHNPOLLOCK@delphi.com wrote:
>Dave Trenkel wrote, in part,
>>on another subject, does anyone have any experience with the cheapo
>>samplers that Roland, Yamaha, and (I think) Akai are coming out with?

I saw some really hip demos of these dj oriented loopers at the Frankfurt
trade show. I haven't had a chance to play with them myself, but I think
they offer some interesting possibilities. A key difference from the
echoplex/jamman/boomerang loopers is that these were designed specifically
for dj/dance mix type musicians, and therefore they offer different sorts
of features and a different sort of control interface. I think some
interesting cross-breeding potential lies in there...

>Or with DJ mixers?  From catalog listings, I've noticed that quite
>a few of these include sampling capability.  I'm sure they don't
>loop, in the sense of overdubbing, but some offer fairly long delay
>times.  It seems like they might offer fairly good bang for the buck,
>by combining a stereo line mixer, one or two mic preamps, and the
>delay.  The question is, can the hardware be hacked to allow footswitch
>control of the sampling functions?
>John                                     (johnpollock@delphi.com)
>Troubador Tech on the Web-- http://people.delphi.com/johnpollock/

Don't know about footswitches and such. They probably take midi control.
You are right, though, they lack many functions found on the echoplex and
jamman. They do offer a lot of other interesting features, like
transposing, bpm matching, and small sample libraries. Has anyone had a
chance to check these out in depth?

And since the dj subject has tentatively resurfaced, does anyone know any
dj types that would be interested in joining the list? There is a whole
world of looping in that genre, with an assortment of well developed
techniques not found in the soundscape/guitar-loop variety that tends to
get focused on here. I think some articulate dj types could give us a real
interesting (and probably needed) perspective.


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