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Vortex/Jamman Tip

Well my Vortex arrived here Fri. from Guitar Center in Hollywood. I gave 
it a
quick test run to make sure it didn't exhibit any of the problems some
Loopists have reported their units did.  So far it checks out O.K. I'm not
completely sure since it arrived missing a manual (which Guitar Center is
shipping). In the meantime I'm going through the Vortex Message Collection 
the web page to get started. In doing so I came accross this in one of Dave
Stanger's posts:

"Here's a technique I use with the JamMan to get a more flexible, 
improvisational feel from it. When I first got it, I tended to use it to 
start a loop, then punch in more layers. But what I found was that 
things just got bigger and louder and bigger and louder. It had a very 
one-way dynamic. Now, rather than using the looping functions, I usually 
prefer to just use its delay function. There are 16 delay feedback 
levels, controlled by the knob on the front. Turn the feedback up high 
and start looping. At 16, you effectively have infinite repeat. As 
things build, you can turn the feedback down and let a loop fade, then 
turn it back up and add more to the loop while the older material floats 
in the background. "
        I've discovered(?) a way to do the same thing in Loop Mode.  
Somebody may
have already covered this but here it is anyway.:       
        1) Define your loop- Tap in, pause/or play,Tap out--single 
blinking light 
        2) Hit Tap to initiate recording--single solid light
        3) While in record mode send midi note message 9.10.or 11 
(depending on fade
length desired)--3 vertical solid lights.  You're still in record mode but
with each loop cycle what you recorded  previous cycles is fading  while 
layer this cycle.
        4) Hit Tap again and you're out of record/layer mode and your loop 
volume is
frozen at the faded volume.--single blinking light.
        Note: Your loop in and out points remain in effect even if you 
faded to zero
volume and you can initiate record/layer again with a subsequent tap. This
way you can set up loops, fade them out, play "normal" (yea right) then
rebuild a new loop at the original in/out length or tempo.  To kill the 
hit Ring or Reset.
I've found this particularly usefull in gradually changing the "character' 
a loop or when working with a percussionist, fading a loop out, having a
percussion solo section, then rebuilding  a different loop at the same 
as the pre-percussion solo loop.

Take care and Happy Holidays to all! --- Paul (Stick Player/Loopist)