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Re: echoplex DP in stock?

>fellow loopers,
>Due to the rumored Echoplex DP price increase, I thought I would look into
>popping for another 'plex before the year was up.  I discovered that
>Manny's Music in NY (where I bought a 'plex for $480 a couple of years 
>no longer carries them -- Sweetwater Sound (Illinois) has them back 
>'till February -- and Sam Ash, NY is selling them for $629!  ANybody know
>any places that have them in stock and is selling them for <= $500?
>- chris
A friend just bought one from Banana's at Large, in (I think) San Jose, for
$650 with the footpedal. You might give them a try. I have a number that's
a few years old: 800-786-7585, might still be good.

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