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Fripp Equipment -- Circa now

Fripp's rigg goes.  As of the HORDE tour he had two Roland GP-100 
preamps, two Eventide h3000d/se processors (which he prizes for it's 
grainy pitch-shifting, most likely, not the more advanced dsp4000), 
FOUR tc2290 delays, all being routed through a Sound Sculpture 
Switchblade.  His Tokai guitar has been replaced by a Fernandez les 
paul gold-top, with the sustaining pickup system installed, and a gk2a 
synth pickup.
    Now, here comes the sad part.  He replaced the gr300 with the newer 
gr1 synthesiser.  This may not seem like a big deal, but it has 
completely changed the way his soundscapes sound.  The 
soon-to-be-released Gates Of Paradise cd sounds like a Windham Hill 
release.  I, personally, love the way his soundscapes sounded, the 
digitally effected analogue synth being a crucial part of that.  I'm a 
keyboard player, and know a lot about sysnthesis, and I really hate the 
way the gr1 sounds.  I here Fripp just got a vg8, which I love.  The 
vg8 is the coolest guitar thing Roland has done since the gr300.
    Has anyone tried out the Akai Riff-O-Matic for a looper yet?
James Eric Williamson - erwill@ix.netcom.com - erwill@heartland.bradley.edu
          One of Peoria's most obscure ambient blues musicians