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Re: JamMan stereo?

someone wrote: 
>Why the hell did the makers of the JamMan bother to put stereo
>outputs on the thing if everything it loops goes mono?? This has
>been VERY frustrating. Of course it's entirely possible there's
>something I'm doing wrong or something easy I can do to fix it...

That, sir, is why I refuse to own a new Jamdude.  I found the manual 
deceptive, and the VP of marketing for Lexland completely unhelpful in 
taking care of my problem.  I would rather pay $700 for an Echoplex 
than $350 for a Jamdude.  At least the Echoplex only has one input, and 
one output.  I ended up selling my fully-expanded Jamdude to pay the 
down payment of a Roland xp80.

I would love to hear what Mr Durant has to say about this feature of 
the Jamdude.
James Eric Williamson - erwill@ix.netcom.com - erwill@heartland.bradley.edu
          One of Peoria's most obscure ambient blues musicians