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Re: JamMan stereo?

Hi Gang,

Jason writes (and many echoes):
>Why the hell did the makers of the JamMan bother to put stereo
>outputs on the thing if everything it loops goes mono?? This has
>been VERY frustrating. Of course it's entirely possible there's
>something I'm doing wrong or something easy I can do to fix it...

Very simple explanation here: The JamMan passes stereo through the box. 
So, when
you are not at 100% Wet, the Dry signal will pass through in Stereo. For
example, those of use who have our JamMen in a chain of effects, it will 
the stereo stuff through. Bummer that it won't record stereo, but 
quite nice that it doesn't monofy that which is passing by. Dontcha think? 
if you're not in such a set-up, simply use the jack labeled "mono". 

Also, for those people using multiple amplifiers, it sure is nice to have 
outputs, even if it isn't "stereo".

Nothing deceptive here at all, folks. No one EVER claimed it recorded in 
We simply wanted to make it as useful as possible in a variety of settings.

Happy holidaze.
Jon Durant