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Re: JamMan stereo?

At 5:49 AM 12/26/96, Jon Durant wrote:
>Hi Gang,
>Jason writes (and many echoes):
>>Why the hell did the makers of the JamMan bother to put stereo
>>outputs on the thing if everything it loops goes mono?? This has
>>been VERY frustrating. Of course it's entirely possible there's
>>something I'm doing wrong or something easy I can do to fix it...
>Very simple explanation here: The JamMan passes stereo through the box.
>So, when
>you are not at 100% Wet, the Dry signal will pass through in Stereo. For
>example, those of use who have our JamMen in a chain of effects, it will 
>the stereo stuff through. Bummer that it won't record stereo, but 
>quite nice that it doesn't monofy that which is passing by. Dontcha 
>think? And
>if you're not in such a set-up, simply use the jack labeled "mono".

I think stereo pass-thru like this can be useful in some situations,
although I've never found that looping a stereo signal in mono is very
satisfying. I don't think its a bad thing to have on a piece of gear.

>Nothing deceptive here at all, folks. No one EVER claimed it recorded in
>We simply wanted to make it as useful as possible in a variety of 

Lexicon also doesn't go to great length to point out that the loop is only
recorded in mono. When you see stereo ins and outs on a box, you tend to
think it's a stereo device. Consequently, I've met a lot of Jamman users
who thought they were buying a stereo looper and were quite upset to
discover that they hadn't. That, I think, is deceptive. (or good marketing
;-) )


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