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Re: JamMan stereo?

Kim writes:
>Lexicon also doesn't go to great length to point out that the loop is only
>recorded in mono. When you see stereo ins and outs on a box, you tend to
>think it's a stereo device. Consequently, I've met a lot of Jamman users
>who thought they were buying a stereo looper and were quite upset to
>discover that they hadn't. That, I think, is deceptive. (or good marketing
>;-) )

We have a major disagreement here. Having "stereo" inputs/outputs in the
(relatively) inexpensive effects world has (almost) *never* indicated a 
device. Look at all the multi-fx boxes, midiverbs, lxps, digidrecks, blah 
blahs. Most produce pseudo-stereo results. But NONE maintain a stereo 
image from
the original stereo source. Many don't even pass stereo through the box. 
the way it is. And even today, there are only a couple of true stereo 
under $1000. 

>I think stereo pass-thru like this can be useful in some situations,
>although I've never found that looping a stereo signal in mono is very
>satisfying. I don't think its a bad thing to have on a piece of gear.

Another area of disagreement over how useful stereo pass through can be. 
As an
example of this, my rig is set up in such a way that an Echoplex with it's
single jack wouldn't work. My effects run as follows: FX Out from Maverick
Amp>JamMan1>LXP-15>>Vortex>>JamMan2>>FX Return Maverick/Lab Series amp.
(>=mono;>>=stereo). This allows me to make a loop in JamMan 2 which has 
sounds, and play over the top with a different set of (stereo) effects. 
Can't do
that with a Plex. The only way to get a similar result would be to get a 
More money spent. Now who's being deceptive?

Look: Everyone has a different take on what's important with these boxes. I
don't think Oberheim were being deceptive in their marketing any more than
Lexicon. The fact is that as a manufacturer you try to build a device that 
be as useful in as many situations as possible. You ask questions. And you 
decisions based around all the input you receive from the field (sales 
stores, etc.) Sometimes you make the right call, sometimes you make the 
call. But let me assure you that no one was trying to sell these boxes as
something they weren't. (Hell, no one was trying to sell them, period!)