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Re: JamMan stereo?

> John Durant wrote:
> >Another area of disagreement over how useful stereo pass through can 
>be. As an
> >example of this, my rig is set up in such a way that an Echoplex with 
> >single jack wouldn't work. My effects run as follows: FX Out from 
> >Amp>JamMan1>LXP-15>>Vortex>>JamMan2>>FX Return Maverick/Lab Series amp.
> >(>=mono;>>=stereo). This allows me to make a loop in JamMan 2 which has
> >effected
> >sounds, and play over the top with a different set of (stereo) effects.
> >Can't do
> >that with a Plex. The only way to get a similar result would be to get a
> >Mixer.
> >More money spent. Now who's being deceptive?
> chris chimes in with his 2 cents:
> My bro and I used to use a similar setup, with the JamMan with the Art
> SGX2000, which has a stereo effects loop (which occurs after all the 
> effects, in the signal path).  Placing the Jam man here allowed us to 
> stereo sounds on top of mono loops -- I think this is DEFINTELY better 
> having only mono -- you can use only mono, if you want to -- and if 
> bought the unit thinking it was a "true stereo" device, he/she better do
> his/her homework a little better next time.  I imagine that if the Jam 
> were "true stereo", it would cost significantly more -- and then there'd 
> folks griping about the price.  Alas, you can't please everybody.
> I'm probably not the only one who would love to provide
> input/feedback/design specs for a customized looping device.  And in all
> fairness, I have to say that the Echoplex DP is not far off from being an
> "ultimate looper", in my mind.  Its MIDI implementation provides lots of
> potenitals, that I have only speculated about, and have not yet explored.
> It is obvious that a lot of thinking and musical experience went into its
> design.  And maybe, one day, the bugs will be fixed.......
> - chris
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> Chris Chovit                                          
> AVIRIS Experiment Coordinator              ph: (818) 354-8077
> JPL M/S 306-336                                 FAX: (818) 393-4406
> 4800 Oak Grove Dr.               pager #: (800) 759-8255 PIN 834-3869
> Pasadena, CA 91109
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I agree with Chris.

At least the JamNan passes a stereo signal through.  In a sense, this
creates another channel (psychoacoustic at least) if your original
signal is heavily in stereo.  
With the SGX 2000 the JamMan makes a great soloing slapback (a la
Gilmore) with distorted stereo signals.  

Chris and I have been experimenting with a JamMans &/or Echoplexs panned
to separate channels, rather than worrying about a stereo sound field
for the loopers.  The spacial bounce from the individual channels is
very groovy.  Adding a vortex or DDL to loops can create stereo images
separate from the mono sources and adds to the depth and complexity of
the soundscape.

Geez, I deal with a huge-ass tangle of cables as it is; if all effects
were in true stereo our hassles would be doubled!