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Re: Synth Module for sale

At 07:26 PM 12/27/96 -0500, you wrote:
>       I have a Kawai K1rII synth module for sale/trade.  It's a few years
old,bought new, and only used for aprox 1 week.  At which time I parted 
my guitar synth set-up to concentrate exclusively on Chapman Stick and non
synth sound manipulation/looping. Reason for getting rid of it(aside from
the fact >that it's been sitting in the box for a few yrs. and I forgot
about it) is to help finance the purchase (trade?) of an additional Jamman
for my set up.Interested parties can email me directly. Thanks---Paul

if i may be so rude, let me interject that this is a GREAT module - i've 
one for years and i trigger it from my casio mg510 usually, sometimes it's
driven by a sequencer or drumpad. anyway - lots of great sounds right outta
the box, a very interesting hybrid synth programming method - you build
sounds from a large "table" of sample waveforms - from basic sine, square
and sawtooth waves to dozens of basic instrument waves. It's basically an
"additive synthesis" architecture - which by now is pretty prevalent.

There's also a credit card-style slot for prog cards - still available from
some dealers but i hear there's tons of sounds online.

Anyway - it's a weird, twisted sounding machine with lots of user control-